Zombies v. Ninjas

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cover for Zombies v. Ninjas: Origin by R.A. Barnes

Book 1: ORIGIN

The dead are coming alive on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean.

A bullet isn’t going to stop them. They feel no pain.

Flesh-eating walkers have been taking sheep and cattle from the fields.

A minor inconvenience until someone, or something, starts to organize them.

A force of pure evil, building an army of undead offspring, planning the end of mankind.

Only the ninjas are suitably skilled to identify the undead, understand them and cut off their heads.

So few against so many.

Will the human race survive?


3D ZN2


Death is sweeping the land, sinking its poison teeth into the flesh of the living.

Female undead are bearing young, mutant clones of a new species that will threaten humanity.

A mystical leader is breeding a hybrid army of mutant clones and undead.

The ninjas must cleanse the land of abomination, but they are too few.

Will good triumph over evil?


3D ZN3

Book 3: EXODUS

The Battle of Mount Leinster is over, and the ninjas are licking their wounds.

Ireland’s countryside is decimated, the undead army has scorched the earth of human life.

The survivors gather their families and supplies of vaccine, food and weapons.

A long and dangerous road lies ahead, will they make it?

Is there a safe place on Earth?


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